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I want to change the conversation in Tuggeranong about Tuggeranong

Like most of our community, I wasn’t born here. However, my mum Dr Judith Werner might have been your dentist, while my dad Eric Gibbings taught at Erindale College and Lake Tuggeranong College – where I earned my Yr 12 certificate. When Libby and I had a choice to move somewhere our young family could enjoy every chance in a beautiful place, we chose Tuggeranong. I want to persuade every family        looking for a home to choose our  community too

When I was an ACT Labor Candidate for Brindabella in the 2016 ACT Election, many residents told me they felt Tuggeranong missed out. So in 2017 I recruited a big team of volunteers and founded Shakespeare by the Lakes, which opens in Tuggeranong Town Park every summer and is enjoyed by thousands of Canberrans, for free

I believe I’m the best choice to represent you and our community because I can help renew Tuggeranong with a fresh voice, new ideas and new leadership in the next    ACT Labor Government

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