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VOTE Dr Fuxin Li

Dr Fuxin Li

  As an Independent Candidate, I am not tied up by any party ideologies and restrictions. I will be able to  represent and advocate first and foremost for my constituents and community

:As Independent, I stand for election to give the community a voice to ensure

  • quality education and improved health services – 
  • transport upgrades and improvements  –  
  • reduced living and business costs  –
  • better protection for environment and heritage  –
  • better supports for multicultural communities –

I value Australia’s multiculturalism and multilingualism. I believe we can do better in strengthening the diversified and harmonious society and in realizing social and economic benefits with the multicultural and multilingual resources in our community

If elected, I will

  • facilitate dissemination of information about government services and  policies  in the community, so to enhance understanding of the government services, policies and improve informed participation in policy development and decision making
  • listen and be responsive to the constituents and community views of issues and policies
  • consider issues and policies from the perspectives of my constituents and community, backed with research, analysis and consultation on the issues and solutions
  • present an independent voice to the ACT Legislative Assembly with proposals and solutions that meet the needs of the constituents and community

Authorised by Dr Fuxin Li Independent Candidate for Yerrabi

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